Against the Wind by ApriL Hill


April Hill

What an amazing story. April keeps topping herself. Just when I think you can’t do anything more exciting she does. I love her marvelous sense of humor. In this book she is a brat and pays for it with many spankings, which ¬†are well deserved. I laughed out loud at times and my husband kept given me funny looks. He is totally vanilla and would not understand. I stayed up until 3: am because I had to finish it.

Three Dark Hours by Maggie Carpenter


Isabel worked for a publishing company. She didn’t believe she had the talent to write a book. She was taking a creative writing course and she couldn’t keep her mind off her sexy teacher Patrick. He offered her extra lessons which turned out to be spanking and sex. He was using her fantasy to have his way with her. Sometimes it’s better to remain a fantasy then to get hurt. This book had a bit of everything, fantasy, romance, erotic sex and spanking. Another great read by Maggie Carpenter.
I purchased the boxed set of School in Session and intend to review each.

Devon’s Discipline by Adaline Raine


Devon Dawson lost her parents and turned to alcohol as a way to cope with grief. She shares a house with a wolf shifter who has some nasty friends. Professor Matthews takes an interest in her. He also happens to be a vampire. He spanks her to get her to work to her full capacity. As much as she dislike the spankings she feels cared for and turned on. I loved the history of vampires, and werewolves. Most of what we know about vampires and werewolves are based on movies and myths. This excellent book had many details, romance, violence and hot sex and many spankings.

Callie, Part 6 by Rachel Burns


A fine ending for a wonderful book. This was the 6th and final book. After many,many trials and tribulations, Callie has her HEA which is so deserved. I won’t repeat what has happened to her, but she preservers and gets past the horror to become a fine young lady.and I am sad that the book was ending as I became emotionally involved in her life and it felt was so real.I believe the books will come out in a boxed set, at least I hope so. You should start with part 1!and so on. I believe Rachel should be a main stream author. However this is difficult to do so I expect to be hearing a lot more about Rachel Burns and look forward to a lot more reading.

The Last Sugar Babies Match by Stevie MacFarlane


This was the final book in the Sugar Babies series. What a great ending. Most of the past characters appear and tell their final ending. Erica and John are the main couple and how they get together is funny, sexy lots of spanking a lots of fun. Marcus and Susan also have a finish to their story with Marcus finally getting insight into Susan’s needs. I hated for the book to end and maybe Stevie will come up with another match, hint hint.

The Firefighters Girl by Natasha Night


I started reading this book last night at 11:PM and could not go to sleep until I finished the book. The characters were so real, that I found myself drawn in and at one point had to put the book down because I was angry at Rebecca for leaving Sawyers house to go meet Jeff. She once again didn’t think about how bad an idea it was. Of course I’ve knew there would be a HEA and that all the pieces would fit together. I didn’t get to sleep until 4:AM but it was well worth it. Bravo Natasha.

A Little Training by Abbie Adams


I loved this book. It was a more gentle way of age play. Some of the uncles were harsh and some gentle. This explains more about the day to day life of the littles and it is consensual, some are in it for the money, but others find true happiness in being taking care of and loving the lifestyle. I cheered when Sara got her comeuppance.

The Sons of Johnny Hastings box set by Renee Rose, Patty Devlin, Mattie Taylor, Patricia Green, Mary Wehr


Oh my! The reviews above would be hard to top. Each of the five stories can be stand alone stories but they all have a common thread which is they all had the same father and yet they never met nor knew that they had siblings. One of the brothers had a twin sister and met each other in a touching way. I would love to see another series to follow up on each of the sons and daughter. Each author is awesome. They made me laugh, cry and got me emotionally involved and I was up all night because I had to finish and then I wanted more.

Long Shot- Corbin’s Bend Book 5 by Cara Bristol


Every time I read one of Cara Bristol’s books I think it can’t be as good as the last and she tops herself and it’s even better. This is number five in the series about people (spankos) who live in a town called Corbin’s Bend. It’s make believe because if it were real, I and many others would move there. Cara’s story is so real that once started I can’t put it down until I finish it. This story had everything, romance, suspense, danger lots of spanking, some erotic and some discipline, laughter and tears. I love all of Cara’s books on DD and the sci-fy like the Breeder. I am looking forward to her next book. Bravo Cara.