Animal Attraction by Paige Tyler


I started reading Paige Tyler when she was writing spanking romances. Then I read a few of her Paranormal books like Dead Sexy, Vampire 101 and Her Perfect Mate and they were elaborate thrillers and now I read Animal Attraction ( Alaskan Werewolves Book 1) and this story line is totally awesome. Eliza gets a job on a Paranormal Magazine and goes to Alaska with a photographer to research and write a story on Werewolves who attacked and killed several people. She turns to Hunter, a professor of wolves and their culture, and they feel an instant attraction. Hunter has one little secret that he doesn’t share and that is that he is a Werewolve but love will overcome these pesky little details. There is still a rouge killer Werewolve on the loose and he would love to kill Eliza and Hunter. There is some spanking and it’s the erotic sexy kind and it’s so hot it could melt your panties.

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